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Wool pillow Wool pillow Wool pillow


Pillow dimensions of 40 with 80cm. It has its own brand name, called Hypnos - vario, which is a term used in medicine, does not mean anything other than a healthy sleep (sleep well).

The chamber pillow has a separate orthopedic cushion that can be removed and is machine washable at 95°C. Special material from which this cushion is made,has a ventilating effect and always returns to its original state. Products with casings are manufactured in several variants, the most popular being "Camel"; "Cashmere Aloe Vera "; "Four Seasons"; "MERINO".

Wool pillow Wool pillow Wool pillow Wool pillow

Standard two-layered airy blanket

Standard two-layered airy blanket - is made from the wool of two parts connected with a reverse. Such a way of manufacture enables plenty of air to be 'captured' inside the blanket, which offers outstanding thermal insulation. It is this double-sewn blanket and the air that is between that acts as a thermostat. Compare a double window, two windows, between the air.

If it is winter outside, inside it is warm. If it is hot outside, inside is pleasant.

Two-layered airy blanket Two-layered airy blanket

Mattress pad

Mattress pad – is the foundation and the most important part of the health therapeutic kit.
It does not allow the formation of microclimate that favors the survival and reproduction of viruses and bacteria causing allergies.

The mattress pad is fixed, securing the mattress, serving as an effective insulator. It is sewn in 3 parts, between which there is a special material that supports the absorption of sweat formed during the evaporation of the body.

Standard dimensions of the mattress are 90x190 or 100x200.
We can provide all the sizes required.

Covers and the mattress pads are prepared in all standard and non-standard sizes as well as as different variants of the material being "CAMEL"; "Cashmere Aloe Vera "; "MERINO".

Weekend bag

Weekend bag is a popular and most affordable blanket manufactured in combination of merino wool and cotton. Cotton side comes in many different colors and designs, easily adaptable to every taste and every space. It is manufactured in all dimensions and goes with cushion 40x80 - cotton - wool.

Weekend bag Weekend bag Weekend bag Weekend bag Weekend bag

Standard set for children

Standard set for children is made from three parts: the mattress, blanket and pillow sizes standards of cribs intended for babies.

We have it in three designs "Little planes", "Dalmatians "and "Little sheep"

Standard set for children

About wool

Wool is a natural flora as old as civilization itself.

Natural flora - wool is a keratoid tissue which in itself contains lanolin. Lanolin is a natural fat that protects the wool on us humans acting positively for several reasons. Lanolin has been known for centuries in medicine and is also used for making various anti-rheumatic and skin care creams. The most important feature of lanolin is high resistance to viruses and bacteria, since it contains certain amino acids and does not allow them to persist. Thus, the natural flora of the wool is that it keeps itself pure.

Due to lanolin, the wool maintains a constant body temperature, protecting you from cold and regulating excessive sweating. Merino wool is very good for absorbing moisture or sweat, even up to a third of its weight, at which it does not feel damp.

Because of that, wool is known as a true natural fighter against rheumatic diseases.


Natural wool is also a high dirt and dust-repellent and dust, and therefore it is enough to occasionally vent your blankets (pillows and floor), which seems best to do in foggy and damp weather.

In addition to airing every 2-3 years, one hand washing in the bath is quite enough. Use special shampoo for wool (with lanolin). Hand wash recommended at temperatures of up to 30°C. After washing the wool, rinse it in cold water. Do not wring your blanket. Let the water drain itself out of the tub. Be sure to hang wet sheets at a place sheltered from the sun and let it dry in the air, not in the sun or any other heat sources such as: heaters, radiators, etc. (So that existing lanolin does not burn). By no means should you wash wool bedding in the washing machine!

Your merino set may be drycleaned if it has a genuine merino wool label "P" (Perchlor - ethylene).

If you decide to change your new blanket, pillow covers, then it should be of natural materials: linen, cotton, satin, terry or even silk, but by no means, synthetic: THE NATURAL FLORA HAS TO BREATHE!


Only the wool of hair fineness of up to 24 microns can be designated as

In order to obtain international certification and use of the trademark, Woolmark products must be made of pure wool with a minimum weight of up to 500g/m².

MERINO WOOL – is a fine, soft, noticeably curly and highest quality wool fiber. It comes from merino sheep. The fineness of the fibers ranges between 16 and 23.5 microns.

The world record fineness of merino wool was set by the wool from New Zealand with 11.8 microns (for comparison: human hair is about 30 microns).

CASHMERE - high quality and valued wool of the cashmere goats. It is prepared through a special process of combing the skin below the neck and in very small amounts (about 150 g per year). Exceptional softness in itself has 2-3 times more lanolin than merino wool, with which it is often confused and combined.

CAMEL HAIR - or so-called CAMEL WOOL, a yarn made from the lower layers of the camel's fur is very soft and of beautiful natural colors that are rarely painted in any other color other than being its natural, sometimes only in dark brown. It is mainly processed into the materials for textile industry, and today it can be found as wool for knitting.

The final products of camel's hair are the softest of all the fibers of animal origin and are extremely warm.

Wool landmarks

100% natural
More and more of us are beginning to realize that the natural fabrics and materials are best for us and that nothing more natural than wool can be found.

Fully ventilated
Natural wool fibers breathe adjusting to each individual body temperature. This wool landark is ideal for couples in which everyone has a different need for the particular level of heat, each individual receiving the perfect amount of heat – he or she needs. When we achieve reduction of overheating in this way, restless night for you may become history, replaced by a deeper and more comfortable exerience of your sleep.

Reduces and limits humidity and sweating by 80%
The unique structure of each wool tread allows it to absorb and free moisture, thus creating a drier and healthier environment. Natural wool fibers are in fact so efficient that they can absorb moisture up to one-third of their weight, and to further stay dry when touched.

Superb comfort
Among all the scientific reasons why to choose the wool linen, comfort is one of very important reasons.. Sleeping on a comfortable and luxurious wool base, wrapped in luxurious wool blankets will allow you more comfort than you can imagine.

Wool is the most natural thermostat
Natural, ventilated, dry, healthy and comfortable environment which is allowed by wool may be your enjoyment throughout the year, and also a micro-climate that is created to maintain the ideal temperature for sleeping both in summer and winter.


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