Wool silver safe waist belt

Wool silver safe waist belt
Wool silver safe waist belt

Wool silver safe waist belt is a belt with pure merino wool on one, and cotton cloth interwoven with argeta silver, on the other side, which keeps the belt anti-bacterial.

The belt also has a magnetic, hematite strap along its middle part, its length cm, magnetic force 900 gauss. This strength is sufficient and fully efficient for the local part of the body. There are elastic straps on its sides, which are adjustable lengthwise, with fasteners provided at each end.

The waist belt is used to ease lumbar pain, stomach pains with women as well as to relieve the pains in each painful area. It provides 100% of ventilation with no sweating underneath. Highly comfortable and easy to wear.

Wool waist belt

Wool waist belt has pure merino wool on both sides, with elastic straps and fasteners adjustable lengthwise. It has a magnet along its middle part, so that it is highly convenient for the persons who must not use magnets.

Highly convenient for absolutely each part of the body.

Alpenkrauter emulsion

Alpenkrauter emulsion
Alpenkrauter emulsion

Alpenkrauter emulsion, better known as an Alp cream. It is popular as German cream made of medicinal plants, mostly of the alpine origin; it contains no anaelgetics and can literally be applied by everyone.

If you stretch your tendon or sprain your ankle, feel pain in your shoulders, knees, joints, neck, head and each articulated part of the body, take some cream with your finger and apply it circularly and elliptically to the painful place. Massage the aching part until the skin absorbs the whole amount of the cream applied.

The lack and loss of lubricating tissue, disappearing over the time and years just because of which it causes cracking of joints, is directly associated with rheumatic spondylosis, sciatica, cramps, gout, joint pain. The Alp cream can renew the lubricating tissue, directly penetrating the skin and joints pores, reducing pain and joints load and simultaneously enhancing their movability. The cream should not get in touch with eyes and open injuries.

Euro top relax pillow

Euro top relax pillow
Euro top relax pillow

Euro top relax pillow is an antibacterial, anti-allergic anatomic pillow. It is made of pure cotton, can be boiled at 95°C without centrifuge.

When washed on higher temperatures, it becomes antibacterial. This pillow is quilted, has an anti-porous surface cloth which keeps it anatomic.

Its dimensions of 80×40 of Euro-norm din suits each shape of head.

It is easily adjustable to every possible shape of the head no matter how we may be sleeping overnight. It also supports the head and neck always keeping them within a range which is good to ensure a good and sufficient blood flow to our brain. As a result, the users of this pillow will suffer migraines, headaches, insomnia, dizziness much less when getting up. In a word, its users will wake up much more restful and relaxed.

Aqua filter

Aqua filter
Aqua filter
Aqua filter

Najjači prirodni filter za detoksikaciju vode!

Filter sa aktivnim ugljem od kokosa, magnetima, zeolitom i srebrnim nitima, prečišćava vodu od teških metala, otrova, hlora, pesticida. Deluje antibakterijski, uklanja kamenac, neprijatne mirise i poboljšava ukus vode...

Pet faza filtracije
Aqua filter deluje na više načina:

  • filcanim umetkom
  • aktivnim ugljem
  • zeolitom
  • magnetnim poljem
  • aeracijom mlaza

Aeracija mlaza
Molekuli vazduha i kiseonika se intenzivno mešaju sa molekulima vode dajući joj najlepši ukus oslobođen mirisa. Filter sa aktivnim ugljem se menja na svakih 400 l vode (oko 2 meseca upotrebe).

Filter se navlači na grlić slavine preko proširenja na njenom dnu. Prva natočena voda koja prođe kroz filter se prosipa nakon čega je vaš filter spreman za upotrebu i uživanje u zdravoj i prečišćenoj vodi.


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